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Bathroom Pods for hospitals and nursing homes

Accessibility, well-being and comfort are the essential elements in the construction or refurbishment of bathrooms in health establishments. Baudet manufactures bathroom pods that facilitate both the stay of residents and the daily work of the health teams.

The goal is to design spaces that improve the lives of elderly people in retirement homes and nursing homes or patients in hospitals: spacious, well-fitted, ergonomic and clean bathrooms.

Bathroom standards for PRM and elderly people

As well as the obligatory installations that exist for PRM bathrooms, the essential elements to find in a bathroom specifically designed for hospitals and health establishments (retirement homes, nursing homes) are:

  • Access ramps
  • Raised toilets (45 to 50 cm off the ground)
  • Soap dispenser and hand towel
  • Washbasin (recommended height between 85 cm (bottom of washbasin) and 105 cm (top of washbasin))
  • Areas for moving the wheelchair and wheelchair transfers in compliance with PRM standards
  • Automatic lighting
  • Shower seat
  • Door handles sufficiently set off from the wall

The standards vary depending on the type of PAB (Public Access Building). For bathroom pods adapted to hospitals and nursing homes, the PAB is type J[FB1] (for disabled people or PRM (person with reduced mobility)).

Bathrooms imagined for the nursing staff

For health professionals or maintenance staff, the challenge is to work in spaces that facilitate maintaining impeccable hygiene standards (easy-to-maintain floor, perfect sealing, no joints, etc.) and caring for patients (swing doors, large and fitted washbasins, shower mixer tap with easy to operate lever, grab rails, wheelchair transfer areas, etc.).

Health care equipment must be included in the bathroom, while ensuring that the patients become more autonomous during their stay.

Discover our entire “healthcare” bathroom pod range, specifically designed for hospitals and health establishments, below: