Industrializing bathrooms has many advantages, the main one being the fully controlled and measurable manufacturing quality in a manufacturing plant.


A French production manufacture

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manufactured bathrooms

The BAUDET manufacturing plant is located in Mouchamps in Vendée (85). On more than 16,000 m², a team of 80 people have a variety of valuable know-how to manufacture, assemble and equip “ready-to-install” bathrooms intended for building construction or renovation projects.

A flexible industry with high potential

Photo Rue Saint Fiacre-BAUDET

BAUDET has a multitude of know-how to manufacture a wide variety of bathrooms. The creation of a bathroom in an industrialized environment replaces a plumber, an electrician, a tiler, a painter, and a plasterer in a traditional environment on the site.

Industrialization thus makes it possible to manufacture a bathroom faster, more than 30 bathrooms are manufactured per day. That is to say only 3 days necessary to equip an establishment with 90 rooms.

The flexible industrial tool adapts its pace according to the needs and the delivery deadlines to be respected on each project.

A reproducible level of quality

qualité irréprochable

A quality department integrated into the manufacturing process is in charge of checking each bathroom before it leaves the factory. Over 35 checkpoints are screened before the bathroom is loaded onto the truck and reaches its final destination.

This precision and assurance makes it possible to install only finished and functional bathrooms in an establishment and thus to reduce reserves during the construction phase.

In addition, control also ensures a constant level of quality. The very nature of the industry is to manufacture identically, according to precise specifications, a “ready-to-install” bathroom model chosen by the establishment.


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