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BAUDET is a partner of the 1st 3D-printed house: YHNOVA

The first 3D-printed house was made between 11 and 14 September 2017 in Nantes; a real revolution in the building industry! In just a few days, a council house was created using an industrial 3D printer.

The 5-room YHNOVA council house measures 95 m² in all. The house was designed by the TICA architectural firm and stands out with its complex shape: large openings, rounded walls, nooks, etc. It is equipped with home automation and smart sensors, so it will be able to assess the behaviour of the building materials.

BatiPrint3D TM, technology that revolutionises construction time. This technology, patented by Nantes University, makes it possible to build smaller and better insulated council houses quickly, at a low-cost and on a variety of types of land.

How does it work?

The robot deposits 3 layers of materials using a polyarticulated industrial robot. There are two layers of expansive foam that act as a formwork for a third inner layer of concrete. The foam is used here for heat and sound insulation. A digital model of the house on the slab guides the robot’s trajectories.

Eventually, this process will drastically reduce building time and will in particular make it possible to rethink building models in the construction industry.

BAUDET was a partner of this innovative project as we provided 2 “ready-to-install” bathroom pods installed in the house.

Watch the video of the YHNOVA project!