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Launch of the BAUDET ACCESS 'range!

BAUDET ACCESS is a range of 4 new bathrooms complying with the complementary PMR standards associated with 6 medical bathrooms. A complete and complementary range of 10 "ready-to-install" bathrooms.

This range is intended for healthcare establishments and takes into account their needs: accessible spaces that ensure safety and promote independence, that are hygienic and easy to maintain on a daily basis. Designed for the occupants, our bathrooms also think about the work of care teams.

Discover the 4 new bathrooms:

  • NORIA, design and accessibility together (link)
  • BALEA, the clever door opening (link)
  • ANOBIA, space and variety of finishes (link)
  • ODESSA, practical and aesthetic (link)

Discover all the medical prafabricated bathrooms BAUDET