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The YHNOVA house has been inaugurated and will soon be occupied

Wednesday, March 21, in Nantes, was inaugurated the first social housing realized with a 3D printer. "This" XXL "project, unique in France, brought together for several months scientists, industrialists, public and socio-economic stakeholders, including BAUDET, present at the inauguration. Indeed, 2 bathrooms "ready to pose" have been made available and integrated into the house of 95 m².

A meaningful commitment

The values ​​conveyed by this innovative project and the research carried out were in line with the themes often raised in the context of industrial construction and well known by BAUDET:

It therefore seemed obvious to propose a sanitary solution that respected the guidelines of the YHNOVA project.

And now ?

YHNOVA is open to the public on Saturday, April 7th. The Regional House of Architecture will sensitize local schools to construction and digital by hosting primary classes. Finally, a family eligible for social housing, according to the usual criteria, will be given the keys of the house YHNOVA during the month of June.