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Secteurs Housing, Student accommodation, Hostels

The adaptable BORA bathroom pod is characterised by a large shower area (80 x 110 cm), which means more space and comfort every day. The BORA pod exists in 2 versions, L and XL, to perfectly adapt to your projects. It is a firm favourite in apartment blocks and houses as the different functions are completely separate: Toilet, washbasin and shower.

Normes et certifications :

Technical advice CSTB n°9 15-1019

NF C15-100

Équipements, structures, raccordements...

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Dimensions de la salle de bain

Habillage inclus

Plan commercial BORA-sens01
Plan commercial BORA XL-sens01

Lenght : 2160 mm

Lenght : 2600 mm

Width : 1270 mm

Width : 1270 mm

Height : 2220 mm

Height : 2220 mm

Surface int. : 1.90 m²

Surface int. : 2.40 m²

Poids : 250 kg

Poids : 290 kg

Door width : 800mm

Door width : 800mm

Table des modèles

Nos salles de bain s’adaptent à la configuration de vos espaces :