Innovating for your projects

BAUDET has always wanted to innovate by offering quality bathrooms at the forefront of new trends. This is why BAUDET has become a key player in the market of “ready-to-install” bathrooms and off-site construction.

Starting with the very first pencil stroke, our experts design bathrooms that are decidedly stylish, practical and adapted to the ergonomics of limited volumes. Thanks to the research and permanent monitoring of our teams of specialists, we can offer you:

  • new materials,
  • innovative technology,
  • hybrid construction methods,
  • and installation solutions perfectly adapted to your projects.

As we take into account the economic reality and the varieties of layouts of your projects, we can offer bathroom pods of various sizes and proportions. Discover our range of bathroom pods

conception salle de bain

A modern and fashionable vision of bathrooms

As we are attentive to the latest trends in interior decoration, our range of bathroom pods reflects our vision of how bathrooms should be. Nothing is left to chance; whether it be the choice of colours, materials, precise finishes or innovative equipment, we strive to provide bathrooms that are stylish and pleasant to use.

Users at the heart of our innovation process

Our drive to innovate is evident in our design, but also in the manufacturing and installation of our bathrooms, as well in the end user experience. We never lose sight of the end user, so we design each nook and cranny of our bathrooms to optimise space, maintenance, comfort and storage.

BAUDET, a key player and driver of innovation in the building industry

We are also delighted to take part in and support innovative ideas and projects in the field of construction. On several occasions, BAUDET has distinguished itself in very rewarding partnerships. Recently, BAUDET has been assisting with the YNHOVA project.