Our commitment to the environment

For BAUDET and all its teams, there is a real commitment to protect the environment. This approach starts with the bathroom design, continues through the life cycle, up to installation on site.

Our factory produces sustainable and low-energy bathrooms. This is how we guarantee our clients environmentally-friendly bathrooms, designed by a responsible company with civic values.

In order to combat planned obsolescence, BAUDET is committed to designing long-lasting bathrooms. By offering services such as our Refresh service to give your bathroom a new lease of life, our products follow a quality and sustainability inspired logic. By choosing a BAUDET bathroom, you are choosing to avoid premature demolition, the replacement of bathrooms that are still operational and the overconsumption of new goods.

BAUDET works to minimise the environmental impacts of the manufacture and installation of its products:

  • use of recyclable raw materials
  • management of product life cycle
  • reduction of waste on building site

Discover the advantages of our solution for reducing our carbon footprint

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