Made in france

With its production plant located in Mouchamps (Vendée region) in France, BAUDET is committed to French industry by highlighting its technical and human know-how.

BAUDET employs over a hundred people to offer an industrialised and humanised manufacturing solution. At a time when machines and robots are taking over our factories, our vision of tomorrow’s company is based on a more humanist approach. By relying on our precise expertise on working with polyester, in-depth knowledge and working gestures skilfully learned and carefully transmitted to the next generation, BAUDET is proud to employ men and women of our region.

Our strength: the combination of a powerful industrial tool with the talent of qualified and committed staff

BAUDET is exemplary when it come to gender equality. There are as many women as men working in our production plant. We are proud of this and it can be seen in the precise gestures and special attention given to each of our bathroom pods

usine production francaise