Our expertise

BAUDET strives to respond to each situation in the most appropriate way. This is why our expertise covers both the construction and the refurbishment sectors. Our bathroom pods can be delivered to comply with the constraints of an already constructed building; these are our factory-mounted or pre-mounted solutions.

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The “ready-to-install” solution

The combination of a “ready-to-install” pod with traditional materials and technical innovations has always been BAUDET’s founding base. This off-site, replicable-quality solution saves time and money and simplifies on-site work.


BAUDET offers bathroom pods that can be quickly and easily installed into an existing building during a refurbishment project. The pods are delivered ready assembled on site then are disassembled, panel by panel, to be passed through the existing openings in the building. They are then assembled again in their final location.



For over 25 years, BAUDET has taken part in various projects and can adapt to different construction methods. We can install our bathroom pods at any time during your building project, either using cranes or through the building’s façade, depending on your constraints.

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