The advantage of industrialisation for your new construction or refurbishment projects.

The period that was traversed by the Construction Industry following the Covid-19 leads us to think about the construction model and to further consider the industrialization of bathrooms in the new construction and refurbichment projects: residentials, accommodation, hotels, health establishments, etc. In addition to the numerous advantages, the Covid-19 highlighted two originalitites of the industrialization of construction:

  • – Safety facilitated by the implementation of sanitary protection measures.
  • – The speed of execution makes it possible to limit accumulated delays and to anticipate possible further periods of slowdown.

A product delivered finished, quick to install

The delivery of “ready to install” bathrooms already completed reduces the time spent on site, the handlings, and thus minimises the health risks associated with Covid-19. In fact, industrialisation saves 30% of time on a building site, a rapid and shortened duration that limits the periods of exposure to possible Covid-19 contamination. Less time on the building site is the assurance of a project that progresses despite the unpredictable external environment we are currently experiencing.

Indeed, construction in the factory can be safer by the respect of barrier gestures and the implementation of new safety instructions and rules

Controlled access, guided one-way flow, methodical tasks carried out, regularly disinfected tools and other necessary sanitary measures are decided in advance, put in place and can be easily controlled. The industrial environment scores points against the construction environment!


Less local handling on building sites

The prefabricated bathroom is by definition already manufactured when it arrives on site. All the equipment is already positioned, assembled and fixed: plumbing, electricity, washbasin, shower, toilet, etc. These steps are removed from the tasks during the site works.

Our bathrooms are usually unloaded by crane. They are directly positioned in their final positioning without the need for human intervention: only one technician is requested for the crane controls and another to receive the pod. These people are far from each other. This is a sure guarantee of safety for the teams.

The same is true when pods are integrated by the facade by a manuscopic device: the installer and the machine operator do not need to be close to each other to carry out the integration of the pods.

Compliance with barrier gestures is guaranteed. At last, the final connection of the bathrooms can be carried out by one technician.

security-prefab bathrooms
seucrity prafabricated bathrooms